Activities for Schools

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Programme of activities based around the universe of leather, water and the Rec district, as well as the heritage collection appealingly presented by the Museum: the Cal Granotes Tannery, The Festival House, L’Espelt Roman villa, the Sant Jaume Sesoliveres Church and the Cal Pasqual Gas Generator.

  • Activities for infant, primary and secondary schools; baccalaureatr, trainees and pupils with special educational needs.
  • Visits and workshops in English.
  • Programmed visits and activities based around the temporary exhibitions throughout the school year.



Teacher and Student Service

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As a space openly devoted to knowledge and learning, the Museum provides advice and assistance to teachers and professionals involved in eduaction for the development, extension and backup of specific subjects taught in the classroom as well as interdisciplinary educational projects.

Educational Resourcses

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The Museum makes the Catalan Museum of Science and Technology, the Igualada Leather Museum (the Education and Outreach Portfolio Collection) and La Pell (the Leather Biodiversity and Technodiversity Collection) publications available for teachers.

In addition, together with Centre for Pedagogical Resources of l’Anoia, the didactic suitcase Leather (La Pell)