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The Leather Museum has its origins in the City Museum, inaugurated in 1949 as a result of initiatives undertaken by the Igualada Centre for Regional Studies. With the support of the town’s tanners, it was here that a section of the original museum was devoted to the manufacture of leather. In 1982, the old museum came under the management of the Fundació Pública Municipal Museu Comarcal de l’Anoia.

In 1983, Igualada Town Council, the Generalitat Museum Service and the Tanners’ Guild purchased the Cal Granotes Tannery (18th century), which was excavated, restored and opened to the pubic in 990. The Town Council also acquired Cal Boyer, an old textile factory, which is now the Leather Museum. After being restored and refurbished in phases, different spaces were opened between 1986 and 1999 that currently house permanent exhibitions devoted to the industrial tannng heritage and the use of water for the manufacturing of leather.

In 1988, the Museum, together with new museums under the auspisces  of the Diputació de Barcelona, founded the Local Museums Cooperational Commission, later known as the Local Museums Network. In 1998, it was officially declared as a section of the Catalan Museum of Science and Technology and became a member of the  mNACTEC Territorial System. In 2015, it subsequently became part of the Igualada Leather Cluster Barcelona.

Museum Collections and Inquiries

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The Museum’s reserves include an artistic collection consisting of paintings and sculptures, altar pieces and religious art, archeology, paleontology, science and technology, ethnology and natural sciences. Some of these collections are accessible via Museums online.

The Museum’s bibliographic collection consisting of books and documents on leather tanning forms part of the Generalitat de Catalunya Specialized Library Network (BEG) and can be consulted on the BEG catalogue online.

The Museum has a consultation service for attending to inquiries about its collections as well as advice on research work. Inquiries may be made by prior arrangement from Monday to Friday between 9 and 13 h by calling 938046752 or by email to m.igualada@diba.cat.


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“Cal Granotes”. An 18th century tannery.

Publication on the permanent exhibition on tanning at the Museum since 1990, specifically the traditional, pre-industrial, Moroccan tanning processes. Contains texts, historical images and photographs of the most relevant artifacts. Versions available in Spanish, English and German.

Leather Museum. Igualada. From the vats to the drums. The industrialization of leather.

Publication on the processes “From the vats to the drums” and “The industrialization of leather”, at the permanent exhibition space of the Igualada Leather Musuem since 1999. Texts, images and photographs of the most relevant exhibits. Versions available in Spanish, English and German.

Leather Museum. Igualada

Publication concerning “Leather in history” and “A world of leather”, in the permanent space of the Igualada Leather Museum, created in 1995. Texts, images and photographs of the most relevant exhibits. Versions available in Spanish, English and German.

Leather. The Biodiversity and Technodiversity Collection

Description of the complete process of the transformation of leather, including its environmental impact and the treatment of general waste products.

Only abiable in Catalan.

Igualada Leather Museum. Education and Outreach Portfolio

Portfolio on tanning in the town of Igualada, from the pre-industrial process to the advent of industrialization.

Only abiable in Catalan.

History of the Igualada Tanners’ Guild

Published by the Igualada Tanners’ guild in 1997. It recounts the history of the Guild from its beginnings to the end of the 20th century. It includes documents, photographs and an up-to-date inventory of the leather tanneries and warehouses in Igualada.

Only abiable in Catalan.

The leather craft and trade in pre-industrial Catalonia by J.M. Torras i Ribé

A compendium of the history, heritage and techniques of the leather trade. It consists of an analysis of the geographical distribution of leather manufacture and a study of how it functions, the organization of work and the architectural features of the tannery buildings.

Only abiable in Catalan.

Diccionari de la indústria d’adobar pells

Vocabulari editat el 1992, amb revisió terminològica del TERMCAT. Abasta tots els termes que fan referència a la pell; recull la definició en català i les equivalències en castellà.

Only abiable in Catalan.


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All the spaces are equipped with reduced disability access. Inquiries about availability should first be made by telephone 93 804 67 52 or email to m.igualada@diba.cat, and subsequently the completion of an application form.
As part of the events, it is also possible to include exclusive private visits, outside of the usual opening times, to the halls and spaces belonging to the Museum: the Cal Granotes Tannery, the Igualadina Cotonera, the Cal Pasqual Gas Generator, the Sant Jaume Sesoliveres Church and the l’Espelt Roman villa.

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